Holy Sapphire

Dynaudio actually had a "production prototype" of its $16,500 Sapphire 30 30th anniversary loudspeaker at CEDIA, seen here photographed by Kal Rubinson. All of the drivers are "Evidence-grade," Michael Manoussellis told us. The drivers are Dynaudio's 1.1" (28mm) soft-dome tweeter, 5.5" (15cm) MSP-cone midrange, and two 8" MSP-cone woofers. The cabinet is faceted, hence the jewel reference. It's pretty dramatic looking. Now we're slavering to hear it.

Warren Willows's picture

Dear WesKindly refrain from:I'm slavering...I'm drooling.....my monkey bone...etcYour prose is filled with this imagery but unhappily you're a goutered bald headed man walking with a cane so it quickly distracts from the subject at hand. With all due respect, I don't want your sexual imagery involved with my choices regarding stereo equipment...the system and the music

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With respect, Mr. Willows, I don't interpret "slavering" as a sexually tinged comment, nor has Wes mentioned anything about "monkey bones."

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