A P.S. on Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett has also just released a trio CD called Yesterdays (on ECM), featuring Gary Peacock on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums, with whom he’s been playing for decades. The album might be described as outtakes from the group’s 2001 concert in Tokyo—portions of which were released the following year on a double-disc recording called Always Let Me Go—except that the new album is dramatically different. Always consisted almost entirely of improvisations; but it turns out the trio also played standards that night (the group is known as Jarrett’s “standards trio”), and they’re all assembled on Yesterdays. Often when a musician releases an album of previously unreleased takes, it’s clear why they didn’t make the original cut. But that’s not the case here. In fact, this is one of Jarrett’s loveliest albums, especially the ballads (“You’ve Changed,” “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” and “Stella by Starlight,” as well as the title tune). Whatever one might say about the man’s antics and idiosyncrasies, his artistry cannot be disputed. I can’t think of another jazz pianist alive, and only a few from any era, who displays such seamless virtuosity, across so many styles of music, and still conveys the vibrant rhythms and true emotion of a song.

His bandmates are also in customarily superb form, and the sonics, as usual, are pristine.

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For the music on vinyl lovers, YESTERDAYS will also be available as a 2-lp set - same tunes on vinyl.Enrico Rava's NEW YORK DAYS will also be available as a 2-lp set.charles

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never blogged before. I am very interested in your new book do you have any idea when it will be published in June?partner turning 50 in june (born 1959) and we are attempting to give him 50 presents related to 1959 and would love to include your bookG

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Gail - You're in luck. My book, "1959: The Year Everything Changed," will be published by Wiley & Sons this June, early in the month. (You can pre-order on amazon now.) Thanks much...Fred

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"His bandmates are also in customarily superb form, and the sonics, as usual, are pristine."The sonics as u-s-u-a-l are pristine? Huh? I love 'The Melody at Night, with You', but the quality of the (ECM 1675) CD disc is quite disappointing. I'd love a well mastered SACD of this CD.