Audio Research CD8

Audio Research is showing their new replacement for the CD7, the Reference CD8 CD player shipping now at $9,995. They've taken a Philips Pro-2 transport and attached it with isolation pads to a machined aluminum I-beam which in turn is bolted to a machined aluminum bottom plate.

The CD8 is a fully balanced design and features the same power supply regulation used in the Reference 3 and a new 24-bit 192-kHz chipset. On the back are both balanced and single-ended outputs as well as coax AES/EBU.

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Get to the Magnepan/Bryston room already! Magnepan unveiling new speakers only happens like once a decade, so I'm sure that I'm not the only interested reader.

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So, they finally decided to fix the problem with the CD7, and replace the totally unsuitable 6H30 valves in the power supply with a decent rectifier tube? Will AR be offering a free factory fix for all the unlucky souls who own CD7s that still keep blowing rectifier valves? Or will they just pretend this never happened? Shame they did not get it right the first time with the CD7.

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Edward, I suggest you contact arc as they are offering a power supply update to address the issue of drift & instability in the 6H30 design. It is so tiring to see people malign arc when they make improvements to their units as they learn things over time. Do you know anyone who knows everything or gets everything perfect the first time, every time?

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ARC shud have their dealers advise customers of CD7 upgrade. I am one of the poor unlucky souls. My dealer never contacted me (he has my number), learned about it from forums though I complained of problems. Just called them & they want local $500 to fix it. Isnt it supposed to be free?A CD8? Naw! not from this sole dealer.

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AR provides the upgrade/fix for the cost of shipping to the original owner of the unit.This is a very fair solution, and shows the benefit of buying from a company in business for years.

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Yes they do offer the fix to original owners but no good if they dont inform the owners. BTW I am an original owner, had to pay for the upgrade kit and for the installaton as the local dealer considers this an upgrade and after the warranty period. Had my CD7 fitted last week with the 5881 tube. The difference is like night and day. There is such a vast difference and it irks me when i think i have wasted 3 years of my audio life listening to a mediocre player, that was lifeless. Yes MEDIOCRE.Man! the sound from the upgraded CD7 is what I should have gotten from the start. The difference is BIG. I swapped the 5881 for a 6L6GC tube and its now a player I can live with.From what i am getting from the upgraded CD7, the CD8 must be awesome from the reviews I have read.