Klipsch Palladium

I saw it from a distance, spotlit and turning on a turntable. It was curved and sensuous, with its deep red flanks casting off highlights. I glanced up at the brandname and saw . . . Klipsch.

Klipsch? Then the turntable brought it face first toward me and I saw its tweeter and midrange contained in Tractrix horns. Yes, Klipsch!

The $15,000/pair P39-F Palladium is the flagship of Klipsch's new Palladium line. The P39-F boasts in-house drivers—all hand-matched to within 0.5dB (and each speaker is matched to within 0.5dB to its mate). The 0.75" tweeter and 4.5" aluminum upper-midrange driver are mounted in 4:1 compression Tractrix horns. The 9" aluminum-composite midrange and two 9" aluminum-composite woofers look serious.

"It's pure Klipsch, while being unlike anything we've ever done," said product planning director Jim Garnett. My thoughts exactly.

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New video of these posted here: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=19484859

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Beautiful Speakers from one of the oldest names in Hi-Fi! My pair of '78 Klipschorns have never failed to please me with their dynamics and musical realism. Hope that Stereophile gets to review the new P39-F.

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Overpriced speakers that sound no better than Klipsch Reference RF-7's with Klipsch hoping to recupe development costs for the speakers on the backs of their customers.

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Just pure OVER-PRICING on new companies today that have learned to over charge the customers because some will pay it. Klipsch has even over priced their whole Heritage Line, much cheaper if you have someone just build it for you in your local area, but Klipsch isn't doing anything most the rest of these companies are doing..... over price for HIGH profit returns, but in the end, sales will always detate if any company can get away with it. The car manufacturers have for their high lines that they greatly over price and people buy them!We live in a greedy World these days!

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though entitled to their opinions, i think Mr. Colbert and Mr. Fred L are ignorant and cant see the true beauty in these masterpiece speakers! i may not be the most knowledgeable person but i trust my ears and i love klipsch to the very end. i was, after all, raised on a pair of Forte's and its because of that that i appreciate the very best sound possible, and for that i will always turn to klipsch... PERIOD!

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I own a pair of these P39Fs which are married each to a McIntosh MC501 and I think they can take more power. Absolutely lifelike and perfect soundstage, especially when you bring up the volume to the same level at a concert. Had guests come in through my front door and thought I had a live band at the party. These are actually a "bargain" considering I owned $50k+/pair loudspeakers before and the P39Fs sound better. Maybe I made the perfect match with the Mac amps. I will need to invest in the rest of the Palladium lineup and see how this fairs for HT.

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