Here's a look at the inside of Ayre's KX-R preamp. "Wow!" exclaimed John Atkinson.

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I would like to know if the power unit is an outside unit like in the K-1 or is integrated.Thank you for your troubleJose

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The power supply is integrated into the main unit. You can see the transformer front and center. One advantage of milling the chassis from a solid block of aluminum is that it becomes easy to make a separate shielded compartment for each part of the design. This means you get the benefits of an external power supply with the convenience of a one-box solution.

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Thank you. I preordered a K-XR a couple of months ago and hope to recive one unit soon. I will be glad if this preamp can give as much happiness and pleasure of my old Ayres DVD-1, K-1 and V-5. I got few moths ago the new MXR wich made the most amazing improvement iin sound I never dream about. Your units allow to listen symphoniyc music as the best symphonic hall. You got a fan in Madrid. Good luck !

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