Ayre's Der Platen Spieler

Ayre's Steve Silberman was excited about the new DPS Ayre turntable. Charlie Hansen had hipped Wes Phillips to the then pending debut of the DPS Ayre back in September.

"I thought this was one of the greatest turntables I'd ever heard, from a mechanical perspective," Hansen said. "But the power supply, while having some innovative ideas, was not up to the standard of the DPS itself—and slow deliveries of the PS were keeping the table from gaining traction. So I said, we can make a better PS—that's what we're good at."

So Ayre utilizes the standard DPS table, which employs a rock vibration "sink" for the bottom layer, next up are tuned elastomer bushings, with a cast phenolic plinth above that. Top layer is constrained layers of acrylic with cork. The platter is, interestingly enough, light acrylic. "We don't need mass for rotational stability," said Silberman, "because the motor is so controlled and smooth."

The bearing is fascinating: a fluid-based zero-tolerance design with a tungsten shaft. The clamp is ABS plastic.

The arm is a modified Rega RB250&151;allthough Ayre can drill the plinth for anything.

Price is tbd. Projected delivery is spring 2008.

Die Platen Spieler, of course, is German for The Record Player. But you knew that.

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BTW, that's a genyouwine NHT pen I'm holding in the photo.

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Does this mean that Ayre is taking over US distribution of the DPS turntable from Audio Advancements? Also, is the Ayre power supply functionally equivalent to the currently available DPS 3 power supply, or is it something fundamentally new? Thorough journalists should address these issues....

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Would someone please edit the blog entry? It's "Der Plattenspieler".