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The Music Player has tons of inputs: USB2.0, iPod (with control and display), S/PDIF digital coaxial, TOSlink digital optical, LAN, W-LAn, and RS232 for update and control interface.

It has two channel audio outputs and an S/PDIF coaxial digital out.

It's internal DAC is a 24-bit 352.8kHz Sigma-Delta design with 8X oversampling. It also has switchable third-order base-linear Bessel analog filters: 60kHz and 100kHz.

"Basically," Trayle bragged, "this is a high-end component that allows you to listen to just about any of your favorite formats in the highest fidelity possible—well, all of your favorites, since you can plug a phono section in to the analog inputs.

"What has really amazed me is the amount of really good music I've discovered in he thousands of streaming radio stations. My musical world has been rocked."

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Will this play all the music I already have stored on my computer, like my iTunes?

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Yes, once MFI is eatablished, iTunes will be a simple interface, in the meanwhile, all Plays For Sure files are already easy to access and iTunes is a little more complicated.

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A quick clarification. The Music Player does not accept a phono section and there is no analog input. There is an easily installed phono for the matching integrated amp for the Music Player called The Power Plant. And yes, the Music Player will play the music stored on you computer from a media server, such as iTunes, right now. No MFI required for this function. iTunes access and functionality is easy and straight forward.