Ferguson Hill Mini Horns

I confess. The Ferguson Hill mini horn speaker system from England ($1195), distributed in the US by Ron, Ginny, and Rob Lapporte of Chicago’s Ultimate Audio Video, caught more than my eye. To compare their mellow sound with that of the hideous computer speakers that currently deface my home desktop was enough to make me weep. Instead, I entered their totally random drawing for a pair. Note the separate little woofers. A perfect combination for an iPod or a computer.

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I thought they were hideous sounding. Better sounding were the little baby Tannoys that were in the Green Mountain/Flying Mole room. They were being showcased with the small Flying Mole integrated amp.

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My girlfriend thinks these are great.

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Thanks for this comment, Helen. I should note that there were two systems displayed in the Ferguson Hill room. When I visited, the iPod docking station was on the blink. Therefore I only heard the exhibit in the entryway to the room. You may have heard the other one. I'm sorry I didn't hear the Tannoys. (So many systems, such little time). It would be great to put the two speaker systems side by side, switching them back and forth while keeping the sources constant. Then one could perhaps figure out what's responsible for what. A project for a future review, methinks.

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Thank you, Jason," for including the FH007 system along with your excellent show coverage. I know that you heard the ""Minis"" driven by our laptop", which fortunately seemed immune to the hotel AC noise that attacked our iPod docking station. It was horribly frustrating. Next time, we bring a filter! I am now at liberty to announce that the FH008 subwoofer will be available shortly. It will continue the Ferguson Hill tradition of aesthetically appealing sonic excellence. Ron Lapporte, Ultimate Audio Video

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Thanks for the good words on Tannoy Mini Autographs!The Mini