Loiminchay's Mandarin Supreme Loudspeaker

Patrick Chu, creator and designer of the $80,000/pair, two-way, Mandarin Supreme loudspeaker, explained that the products’ name is a synthesis of two words: Loimin means "delightful understanding" and Chay means "ateliar or studio." The frequencies from 750Hz upwards are handled by a 1" tweeter loaded with a 19" horn comprised of alternating layers of cherry and oak wood. The bass, which is rated down to 22Hz, is handled by 10" and 12" woofers. This composite was by far the least active speaker material I've come across. Rapping it with my knuckles was like tapping on granite. The woofer enclosure was made of concrete with a cloth covering. I didn't ask about the loudspeaker's weight because I didn't want to know. The nominal impedance is 8 ohms, and the voltage sensitive a very high 92dB. Although I didn't audition any familiar reference recordings, the speaker had a dynamic sonic texture with a midrange emphasis.

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This was the worst sounding loudspeaker at the show!It showcased all the negative aspects of horn loudspeaker design. Highly colored sonics, cupped hands sound, poor soundstaging and imaging. Truly terrible! I didn't stay long! And, all this for $80,000.00. Wow!

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"Elroy, your father asked you to clean your room""Awww, Rosie, can't you do it? You're programmed to, right?"

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With a speaker that ugly they ought to throw in welding glasses to protect you.

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I was expecting great sound what I got was a very colored non dynamic sound.

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LOL :)