Opera Loudspeaker's Linea Classica

A lovely line of Italian loudspeakers. It's no wonder Sam Tellig is such a fan. The speakers almost ask to be touched.

All three models of the Linea Classica — the Prima, Seconda, and Quinta — feature cabinets constructed from MDF, with delicately curved side panels dressed in real wood veneers and lacquer finish. The tops and rears of each cabinet are finished in the softest, smoothest leather. I found this most impressive.

Unison Research's Alessandro Bovo caught me admiring the small Prima ($1119.99/pr, matching stands add $449.99/pr). "It's very pretty," I admitted.

"Yes," he agreed. "This is my favorite of the line."

"Mine, too," I said. "I live in a small apartment, so I'm always most attracted to smaller speakers, and everything about this design is so gorgeous."

"It works best, I think, with the Preludio amplifier," he said, directing my attention to an equally attractive tube amp.

Like the Opera line of loudspeakers, the Unison Research line of amplifiers almost beg to be touched. That's not quite true. They don't beg at all, they just sit there looking great. They can't help being beautiful.

At 14Wpc, the Preludio is more about finesse that power. "If you listen to a lot of hard rock, it's probably not the best choice," Alessandro said, "but it's great for listening to classical and jazz."

The words nearly made me cry. What about indie-rock, I wondered. It's almost enough to make me change my listening habits. I might just start listening to Sibelius or something.

Al Marcy's picture

Sibelius!? My grandfather ran away from Finland to start a dance band in the USA. Dance, while your body is young ... Sibelius stills sounds good when you old and are stuck in a bed ...

No Fan Bok Choy's picture

Al - your grandfather was right. Sibelius is as likely to put you in your death bed as it is to entertain you while you're there.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Maybe I shouldn't have said Sibelius.

John Atkinson's picture

I love Sibelius. Start with Finlandia, Stephen, then the 2nd and 5th symphonies. Glorious poly-rhythmic, poly-tonal music.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Will do, JA. Thanks!You know who else was a fan of Sibelius:

Paul Foley's picture

I have watch this company improve over the years. It has always been about bring the sound of music into the home, for these guys. Thanks Giovanni and Nick. You kept getting better and better.

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