Monitor Audio Goes Platinum

I have to admit that Monitor Audio has been one of those companies whose products I've just taken for granted. I went into the Monitor Audio room at FSI more-or-less from a sense of duty, but was almost literally stopped in my tracks. What's this? A new speaker that doesn't have the conservative look that I associate with Monitor Audio, and sound that was arrestingly lifelike. The speaker was the Platinum 300 ($8995—all prices in this report per pair), the top of the Platinum range that will be available in May 2007. It uses a ceramic-coated aluminum-magnesium ribbon tweeter, honeycomb-sandwiched midrange and bass drivers, in an enclosure made of a cast anti-resonance composite material. The claim bandwidth is 28Hz–100kHz. (I could hear a small peak at 45kHz, and another one at 82kHz.) If I remember correctly—I wrote this info down but can't find it—the source was a Simaudio CD player and the amplification was courtesy Linar Audio.

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Great reporting as usual. But now that I'm actually in the market for a speaker upgrade I have to join the chorus of people complaining about dramatically escalating hi-fi prices. PLEASE tell us: What are the best speakers you're seeing/hearing in the $1500-2500 price range?

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Auditioned Elac 204.2 bookshelves and 207.2 floorstanders - absolutely killed B&W product I was interested in the same price range.K.G.

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As Kevro International also distributes Musical Fidelity in Canada, the source was the MF DM25 Transport and DAC combo, feeding into the kwp two-chassis preamp, and then going into the kwp monos (1000w into 8ohms).

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I did saw the demo it was Musical Fidelity but A5 CD player and kW 500 integrated with kW PSU !