Goodbye LA; on to HE 2007 in Chicago

And so we say goodbye to the Sheraton Gateway and the City of Angels. Home Entertainment 2006 was a good Show, with some great sounds. I echo Wes Phillips's sentiments below. In talking to people, I had a sense that we were all part of a community of individuals with much the same goals, if not always the same way of reaching them. The Show staff were unfailingly pleasant and efficient. The hotel’s facilities served the needs of both exhibitors and attendees well—and by the last day of the show I actually figured out how to go from my room to the escalators without making at least one wrong turn!

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And on behalf of Stereophile, I'd like to thank Wes Phillips, Bob Deutsch, Jon Iverson, Stephen Mejias, and Jason Victor Serinus for all the work they put in, and the sleep they went without, to blog live from Home Entertainment 2006. Mikey Fremer and Kal Rubinson will also be covering the Show in their September issue columns.But most of all I'd like to thank the Showgoers, the exhibitors, the musicians and concert sponsors, Greg Nivens and his Show staff, Steve and his sound crew, and everyone who took part in the seminars for making this show the best ever!We are waiting for confirmation from the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. But assuming all goes to plan, we will see you all at HE 2007 in the Windy City, the City by the Lake, the City of Big Shoulders!

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>and by the last day of the show I actually figured out how to go from my room to the escalators without making at least one wrong turn!Same here.I love working with you guys. See you at the next show.

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How will drayage be handled in Chicago? At HiFi 99 the unions and stuff cost exhibitors hundreds if not thousands of dollars - I heard stories about not being able to carry stuff to and from rooms. That's utter BS and makes it almost impossibly expensive for many. It is imperative that you ensure it will be easy and free or inexpensive for exhibitors to transport stuff, otherwise many will stay away. The cost of the rooms is prohibitive enough.Remember, the whole purpose of the show is to show many things of interest to audiophiles and music lovers and promote the high end - without the participation of local retailers and their manufacturers and distributors, the show would be a failure and there would be no point in holding it.

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Chicago is indeed a union town, Brian, and there's not much we can do about that. But drayage is always a concern to us and we will work hard to ensure it works in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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L.A was a good show to all of us in the industry.Thank you for L.A and see all of you guys in Chicago.

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Looks like we'll be seeing you in New York.

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John Atkinson: Recieved email from you post HE2006 that you had published my email online.Where can I find tnis online?

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hmm... I like the ed hardy clothing from a visual POV.