An Amoeba Shrinking?

Much as I hate to admit it, the experience of going into a record store, particularly a big glorious mom and pop indie store, is fast becoming a thing of the past.

If record stores are to become extinct, then the Amoeba store on Sunset in Hollywood will be the last dinosaur to expire.

The view from the balcony is what it's really about. Gazing out across a canyon of records, aisle after aisle, people with armloads of CDs and vinyl, is one of LA's finest vistas.

bob's picture

Oh yeah. One of my favorite screensaver shots is a wide angle picture my daughter took of the sales floor at the Amoeba on Haight Street in San Francisco. What a sight! So many records, so little time! I think during our six day visit we went there at least once every day. HE 2004 West had been cancelled due to a hotel strike, so we had to do something while we were there--well we did get to see Death Cab For Cutie too.

Eddie Williamson's picture

Without a doubt, one of the greatest retail stores of any kind on God's green earth. It brings me so much pleasure to just shop there, let alone go home with the goodies and put them on-line. I live 12 minutes away; I'm a twice a week shopper. :)

Donald N.'s picture

My neiphew just got back from visitng and I am soooo jealous! Dreams to come true: own a Ameoba-style store, own a bookstore, and to have the ability, time, and finances to see every act one was interested in!

Adam Sohmer's picture

Kill ringtone spammers. Oh, and visit Music Matters when in Brooklyn, NY. I have nothing to do with the store outside of being a regular customer. In another time, I'd consider it middling at best. Now, it's a pleasure just to traipse around any indie with a reasonable selection of new and used material. Highly recommended for folks in Park Slope and those who love them.