Zu To You Too

Sporting a great music collection spread around the room, Zu Audio had two models of speakers up and running. Shown here is the company's $9k/pair Definition speaker, which Sean Casey assures me can be coated in any color the buyer can imagine including "matte, iridescent frost, high gloss, flames, stripes . . . anything." Of course the company chose the understated RED speaker for display at the show.

Art Shapiro's picture

Alas, I would have voted them Worst In Show. They played an LP of Also Sprach Zarathustra for me, and one would have absolutely no inkling that there was a pipe organ in the piece. Considering the rather generous size of the room, easily able to sustain reasonable bass frequencies, the lower cutoff of this system would apparently border on the absurd.

Keith Rochelli's picture

The couch was in a room node I was told as i noticed bass was slight and asked. I hence moved back behind the couch a foot or two and had them play Radiohead, and there was absolutely no shortage of bass. I found the imaging and dynamics pretty scary good for the price....

Jon Iverson's picture

I stood behind the couch and thought the Bill Frisell/Ginger baker cut they played sounded pretty good - I have the same disc at home. Never sat on the couch, so don't know what it sounded like there.

p.sandberg's picture

I was thinking about buying these, they seem pretty good for the money actually. I like the overkill driver look to them, too!

Sean Casey / A Zu guy's picture

Hey A.S. we didn't have an LP of Spach - you sure you had the right room? Bloody man, if you are going to kick somebody in the balls you gotta at least hit the mark. We did spin up a 30 second clip off CD, love the album but the listener only wanted the intro. Nothing much on that recording below the second octave, certnaily no null notes. You didn't make it to the party then did you...Thanks for noticing Zu,Sean