InCognito In Plain Sight

We still haven't learned the price of Peak Consult's InCognito X two-way floorstanders, but we're starting to believe Per Kristoffersen when he says he set out "to build the best two-way loudspeaker in the world,"

I've never heard a two-way reproduce a tenor saxophone's body and brassy ebullience like the InCognito does. And they're doing it with a 7.5" midrange/woofer? I don't understand how.

The ported enclosures are handcrafted in 1.5" MDF, covered with 1" hardwood veneer. The driver complement consists of a 1" ScanSpeak silk-dome tweeter with non-ferrofluid coolant and a 7" Audiotechnology midrange/woofer with a vented magnet system incorporating Symmetric Drive "to optimize the linear directivity."

Best in the world? I don't know, but even with the tough competition at HE2006, the InCognitos stand a chance for best in show.

Sal Ricardo's picture

Best soundstage and imaging and tone. Contender for best at show.

Jack Bornstein's picture

Best In Show,,, If you weren't touched by the sonics in this room, you're made of ice! Let's not forget the wonderful Caliburn turntable/cart., and Berning amp. that made this repeat visitor a happy man! I'm going to start buying lottery tickets again!

P. Sandberg's picture

This was the best by a huge margin, nothing else came close. I came back four or five times and it was always a treat. Mike Fremer's a lucky SOB! ;-) Maybe JC is getting that head cold that's going around (a couple of people had it).

leo Jason's picture

Can only agree. I have very seldom been to a room at a show," where I wish all the same sound in my room. What a great speaker !!! The turntable still rooles. It got my ""yellow"" wote for ""best at show""

Per Kristoffersen's picture

Thank you all for visiting our room.I think we had a good synergy and the room sounded good to me. Thank you Rich (Caliburn and freind), Nathan (Eight nerve and freind), Paul (Stillpoint and freind) and of course Chris (my brother in arms), sorry that Berning could not be there (he should be proud).See you all in Chicago.Peak

Chris Sommovigo's picture

Like Per, I want to thank you all for visiting our room and hearing our system setup. We've had so many comments and emails telling us how much our room was enjoyed - it's always nice to get great sound in a otel room with just one day to set up and dial it in!The InCognito-X is certainly a special speaker ... able to resolve all that the Continuum Caliburn was giving it without missing a detail or a beat. That's some mighty high cotton ...Chris Sommovigo / Signals-SuperFi