If Luke Manley of VTL arrived one Cardas power cable short, and Jeff Joseph arrived minus one set of Cardas speaker cables (see earlier reports), designer Alexander Gaiderov and distributor Victor Rakovich upped them by powering their visually arresting Bolzano speakers with a Muse stereo amp that proceeded to blow up. I wish I knew how these Russian engineered, Italian-designed omnidirectional speakers can sound when paired with other than a Pioneer amp that cannot accommodate their subwoofer. Hopefully, time will tell.

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Yup, post at haste, repent at leisure. I'll fix 'em.

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Bolzano Villetri team appreciates the help of Elite Audio and Muse guys for providing an amplifier and a Muse CD/DVD player for our demo! The event described by Scott Markwell was exactly right. The amplifier performed flawlessly for the rest of the show! As far as I know cardas connectors were used...