Vicarious Presence

I'm getting excited about the Show. You know what Show I'm talking about. I have this good feeling that I'm going to rock it. Hmm, thinking back, I've actually had this good feeling before every show I've attended. Then, I get there, I shake somebody's hand, and I get sick. Disappointed and fatigued, I get left in the dust. The guys call me names. But, that's not going to happen this time. No, it isn't. Today is a new day.

I sound like Chicken Little. I love that movie. Chicken Little goes up to bat, smacks a home run, saves the planet, and makes his papa proud.

in the mail
arrived for me
a demo CD.

From John Marks.

John says: "You can take it to LA with you and it can be my vicarious presence, you can tell people JM could not make it but his demo CD* did."

And that is what I'll do. I'll go armed with JM's demo CD and, with the power vested in me, I will evaluate the shit out of systems.

Here’s what it sounds like:
1., 2. Channel ID and phasing Tests — from Stereophile Test CD 2
3. Ella Fitzgerald — Easy to Love
4. Jane Monheit — Besame Mucho
5. Lorraine Hunt Lieberson — As With Rosy Steps the Morn
6. Glenn Gould — Aria
7. David Stanhope — Sibelius' The Tryst transcription
8. Bill Evans, Miles Davis, et al. — Blue in Green
9. Michael Franks — In the Eye of the Storm
10. Alannah Myles — Black Velvet
11. Donald Fagen — Walk Between the Raindrops

Stay tuned for JM's excellent, entertaining, and super-informative "As We See It" — A Script for a High-End Audio Demonstration — in our July issue.

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Ok, if you find ANYONE with out of phase speakers at the show, you have to promise to let us know about it so we can tease them to no end. Better yet," you can play some practical jokes on a few big shots. ""Hey", Jim," is there some reason you guys are running your speakers out of phase in your demo room?""

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Chicken Little - that MOVIE ! God it must be hell to be so young.

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Hey, I have a 4 yr. old and one of the funnest things we do is go to see these kid flicks. It's a hoot!