City Songs

Many of the commuters around me have the white plastic implants shoved into their innocent ears. All sorts of sounds come slithering out as we hold onto stainless steel. The F train sings a different song.

Unless I count the Magnavox boombox, which lived permanently within my old television stand, I've never owned a portable music device of any kind. I don't like putting things in my ears or on my head, so I've never owned a pair of headphones. I also find that the sounds around me are often very interesting. The sound of the woman shouting at her ex–lover is as powerful, but not as heartwarming, as the sound of the couple kissing behind me. I turn to them and smile my secret smile.

As I ascend the stone steps leading to the green and blooming Bryant Park, the faceless vendor sings, "Ayy Emm, ayy emm, ayy emm. Get your ayy emm, ayy emm, ayy emm." Endlessly and invariably. I listen to his song, but never accept his offering.

Out among the buildings and asphalt, I like to be aware of the conversations, the footsteps, the sirens and alarms, the wind and the chirping birds. I shake my head at the angry and frustrated blur of black and white threats: "I will slap you."

Emphasis placed on the slap: "I will slap you. I will slap you. I will slap you." People are sometimes mean. My attention drifts to the rickety cart of mail being pushed down Madison Avenue.

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Aside from Justin's comments I had an interesting commuter music story the other week. It was an otherwise typical commute to work one morning. Folks reading newspapers, jostling for position on the subway car, many with white buds jammed in their ears as per your description. When at my first stop people file in as usual, but with them is a different sound; music. Where is it coming from? Is it just an annoying ring tone? No. It is a young man listening to music through his cell phone speaker. Some kind of perverted modern day version of the over-the-shoulder Boom Box. He continued to listen to his music on his cell phone the entire trip. Myself and my fellow commuters were in such shock at this apparent lack of consideration that no one said anything. We just looked at each other with the same confused look on our face as if to say," ""What the F is this guy doing?"". It was all very", very strange.