Friends Because of Chemistry

I accomplished a ton today, but not nearly all that I wanted. That's alright, though; I'll get more done tomorrow.

But, this was another one of those days when it was absolutely impossible for me to overlook my good fortune. I received constant reminders of the fact that I work with totally awesome people — people who are not only brilliant, but kind and beautiful.

Check this out. Today alone:

John Marks invited me over to his place for the weekend to listen to a $100,000 system before he crates it back up. "Best sound I've had here yet," he tells me. Unfortunately, I can't make it. But, still: how cool is that?

I exchanged wonderful e-mails with Wes Phillips, Art Dudley, David Lander, Ken Kessler, and Sam Tellig. Yo, don't think I don't realize: That's an intense bunch of cool-ass dudes. Each of them had something interesting and lovely to share with me — interviews with musicians, photographs of turntables, histories of the blues, encouragement and advice on trade shows, knowledge of our industry, and, man, just a whole lot of love.

I also heard from manufacturers: John DeVore writing in to say hello and express his excitement over my first kiss with tubes. He says that the Moscode will turn my little monkeys into King Kongs. And I can't wait to hear if he's right, and I bet he is. I also heard from Totem's Nico Bruzzese, letting me know that he's got a pair of cherry Arros with my name on them. And how cool is that?

If that wasn't enough, I also received a few phone calls from readers. Readers from Puerto Rico, readers from Seattle, readers from England — all with kind words.

"Keep up the good work. I've loved the magazine for many, many years."

And I haven't forgotten the e-mails I've received from people wanting to share their favorite music with me.

For this and more: I feel lucky.

It becomes so very clear just how deeply the desire to share and exchange ideas and passions runs around here. We are passionate people, people who love life, love music, love love. And we want to share these things with one another. I'm happy to be a part of it. Thank you, again.

And, here: I want to share a bit of a Ken Kessler e-mail with you. I don't think Ken will mind.

Stephen, you may not be aware, but you are forming friendships now that will sustain you for as long as you decide to be part of the world of audio. And some of them will rank with friendships you still cherish from childhood. And you WILL know who's your friend because of chemistry, and who's your "friend" because of your position at Stereophile.

And that's part of the fun....

And the craziest part is that this is not out of the ordinary. This is every single day. Everyday, I feel like I'm learning. And not simply that I'm learning, but that I'm being nurtured. I'm surrounded by good things and good people. And I've always thought that if I could somehow surround myself with things and people who are happy, intelligent, and beautiful, then I would have no problems at all. And that's how I feel now. All is love. Always love.

Thank you, Ken. I think you're right, and I am aware of it, and yes: it is so much fun.

Jim Tavegia's picture

For you not to make tracks to John Mark's house this must have a heck of a weekend planned. It may be best as once you have heard THAT what else could live up to it? You would need a big raise. LOL

Clay White's picture

Consider this: maybe you've earned that good stuff. Keep Smiling.

Laura LoVecchio's picture

I've worked with David Lander at Audio Magazine in the '80s. He and I have been friends for that long. He's a wonderful editor and his writing is some of the best ever. His interviews are killer. However, I must say, I have never heard him referred to as a Cool-ass dude! :-)

Stephen Mejias's picture

>Consider this: maybe you've earned that good stuff. Keep Smiling.Thanks Clay. I am! But it really is easy when you're surrounded by great people.

Clay White's picture

Wait until you hear your little DeVore's sing with the MF gear providing the music. Replacing your first love will fill you with guilt - but only for a little while.