A Day at the Convention Center

I don't enjoy feeling like an ignoranus, but that's exactly how I feel after spending a day at the Convention Center during CES. The word "hate" keeps coming to mind. As in: "I hate it." But I don't think I really hate it. As I told JI, during one of my many pouts, I'm sure the experience is good for something. I just don't know what it's good for.

Patience? Grace?

Jon and Wes are teasing me now, as we sit in the hotel lobby, posting our thoughts. Jon thinks I need a nap; Wes thinks I need a drink. They're probably both right.

But then, Jon also says I'm too young to drink.

"Yes, I'm grumpy!" I moan. "I'm sorry, guys."

One of the maids walks through my pitiful shout and gets a kick out of it.

She laughs.

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>Stephen...chill!You're right, Jim. Thanks.