Like Fruit Trees in a Frost?

Something was happening. Something I didn't want to tell you about.

But, here, I'll tell you now:

I came home one day, sat down, and pressed Play. The music, however, didn't thrill me like I thought it should. I remembered that first night with the system, and how the music seemed so alive and real, how it jumped into the room with me and danced around, challenging me to follow. Now, only a week later, it just didn't seem so hot anymore.

In fact, it was a particularly cold night, and I wondered if the weather had something to do with it. Had the sudden cold somehow affected the speakers? Is this possible? I wondered if I should be covering them up under blankets like fruit trees in a frost.

Then I remembered Monty saying he was jealous of the first few hundred hours I'd be experiencing with the system in my own home, how I'd only get to enjoy this level of listening pleasure once.

Was this it, then? Was my time already up? Had I already grown accustomed to the magic? Had I already become jaded, senses dulled by overindulgence?

Wes Phillips's picture

First hit's free!No, but hi-fi can be like coffee: Get used to excellence and you begin to expect it. It doesn't jump out and surprise you every time after that. But that magic still happens -- you just don't know when it's going to kick in.Which is what makes it magic. And what makes it special when it happens.

newbilong's picture

time for your first tweak, i think.

Clay White's picture

So you," ""...pressed play."" Try this. Think of the music you want to here. Press open. Insert chosen recording. Listen. The gear is only a means to the end. Monty is wrong", it doesn't happen only once.

Todd Steponick's picture

I say throw in ol' 4,33 by John Cage and report back.

Monty's picture

Wes, is of course, right. Also, your emotional level and mood will effect your perception. I still get plenty of thrills with my system after living with it for years. Some days it just sounds like crap and I wonder if something has changed...more likely my mood is what has changed. I'm sure you will become a more critical listener faster than most people, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I can go months without any desire to change or tweak anything. But, when that critical listener in me starts saying," ""you know"," I bet you could get better sound if you would just order those isolation devices and replace that interconnect"" I can get entirely stressed-out tweaking. Another thing that I am adament about is not leaving my system powered off for any length of time. It can take hours before it starts sounding right again and if you are shutting her down with no more time than is on your cables and IC she probably doesn't come-in for several hours.

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BTW, I am wrong...a lot, but I was referring to the excitement of enjoying a fine system before becoming a critical listener. So there...;)

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Thanks very much for all of your pieces of advice and words of wisdom, guys. I do appreciate it - I have found it very helpful and encouraging - and will keep it all in mind as I move along.

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If you are a true audiophile pushing play just isn't enough. We must arguish over cartridge alignment, tracking pressure, and as MF keeps reminding us, vacuum clean your discs. Now we ARE involved...more that just listening. Now in the digital era we must treat our discs, clamp them, trim the edges, mark the edge with a green marker...can't you hear the improvement? NO! Time to get the GSIC and really get serious. did you really think all you had to do was hit PLAY? Really. You must be physically and emotionally involved ( not the same as emotionally drained from a hard day at work). Now you know why you must get 2 other models of monitor speakers and when things just don't sound right, try something from Epos, B&W, or Triangle ..Just a thought. Remember, your mileage will vary. Now if you are thinking about bringing back out the Maganovox boom box...DON'T EVEN GO THERE!