Lone Star Statements

The Morning News publishes one star reviews from Amazon of books that made Time's "100 Greatest Books" list. Warning: Coffee may spew out of your nose while reading this.

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So The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe was a poorly disguised ad for Cadbury's Turkish Delight candy, eh? Reading these reviews made it worth getting up this morning, Wes. Thanks. (And Happy Birthday) -- JA

Monty's picture

My personal favorite from the list:Tropic of Cancer (1934)Author: Henry Miller

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Good Gracious! These folks seem underqualified for the jobs that we routinely fob off on illegal immigrants. 'On the Road', 'To Kill a Mockingbird'???? These are absolute treasures, not only of American literature, but also of American culture. The deliberate 'dumbing-down' of the American people is almost complete. Soon, whoever is in power will be able to dictate their will to the mindless masses and make it seem like it was the mass's idea. Oh, wait.....that seems to be now. My bad.

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Thanks, Wes. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover, but you can by the first 3-4 pages. Hilarious!

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Fair points, Adam. I'm frequently surprised by how good the volunteer reviews at Amazon can be—although I'm seldom in doubt as to when they're wrong. My favorite all-time Amazon pages are the ones in which Anne Rice tried to defend every sentence, every word, and every comma of one of the dreadful sequels to her very fine [I]Interview With the Vampire[/I]. I think the readers definitely came off better in that exchange.And yeah, point 6 does kind of get to the point, don't it?

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Very funny, but I'm honest enough to admit I agreed with one or two of them!