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Jim Tavegia
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Shelby Lynne LP

I have been enjoying the Shelby Lynne CD Just A Little Lovin' for quite some time. I purchased the lp this past week, it arrived today and I sat down for some critical listening.

The opening track on the cd has a solid drum kck with a sharp attack on a wood block that is as real as it gets for me. The lp is most disappointing in both areas, but still enjoyable. The playback level is certainly low enough that would have had room for more dynamic range.

The lp is certainly pressed on thicker stock, but the low end has certainly been lost. I know I don't have a Caliburn, but still the lower output of bass and drum attacks are very noticable to me.

I've even change my tables around some thinking some synergy may come into play, but not much has changed. it is probalby also telling me that it is time to seriously upgrade my phono cart. They all are pretty vintage, but servicable.

Does anyone else have both the cd and lp and care to chip in with their 2 cents?

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Re: Shelby Lynne LP

Caution! Caution! When Fremer chimes in and tells you how much better the vinyl sounds on his rig you could fall into that smooth downhill road to the poor-house called upgrading your analog front end.

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Re: Shelby Lynne LP

or you could come to the realization that you dont get great favors/discounts from Audio MFGRS for doing positive reviews, come down to planet earth, and be content with what you have, is really a lot better than you think it is..if you would only stop being an idiot audiophile and enjoy the music.

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