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Poor Audiophile
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Digital eXtreme Definition 24-bit 352.8kHz CD?

Is anyone familiar with this format? I stumbled across several of these discs on Elusive disc. Of course, while the recording may be high-rez, it's still a red book cd.

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Re: Digital eXtreme Definition 24-bit 352.8kHz CD?

the format was originally developed by Merging for their "PYRAMIX" workstation, and has now been implemented in several products including Digital Audio Denmark...

the biggest pioneer of this technology is 2L, based out of Norway. They record and edit in this DXD format(on pyramix), taking advantage of the headroom, etc that the format affords before quantizing to DSD(for SACD).

I am not a fan of their recordings.. though to be fair, my distaste is more for their recording chain(DPA microphones and millennia media mic amps, the most sterile, boring recording chain one could get!!).. DXD has tremendous potential, if used right.

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