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Favorite album cover of 2009 and some

So the other week Wilco was in town, I couldn't make the show and was totally bummed. That Friday a buddy invited me to the Cuff the Duke show at the Horseshoe. Wow, what a great show!

While I was there I stopped by the merch booth and staring back at me was what I think is one of thee most beautiful album covers I have seen in a long time. After the show and many pints I got the chance to meet Keith the lead singer. I raved about the album cover.

A very nice guy, and after talking I asked if he would sign my record BUT would he be cool signing the back because I thought the cover was too nice to sign (I had plenty of liquid courage by this point and wasn't too afraid to offend)...I figured I was okay because after I had mentioned after seeing their show I didn't feel so bad about missing Wilco. Keith replied, "they were great I saw them both nights", after which I promptly called him a bastard...back to my story.

Great album and absolutely beautiful album cover work. The other day that same buddy told me that their latest video was a montage of live footage of the band and the artist painting the cover. Awesome, and thus the long winded way of bringing you to this youtube clip. I hope you enjoy and Stephen I think this could be a good candidate for your blog. I hope these guys make it up to NY I think it would be a great show!


PS he signed the back side of my album. How cool is that!!

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Re: Favorite album cover of 2009 and some

Thanks for the recommendation. I'm listening now, and digging it. There's a musical resemblance to early Wilco and Ryan Adams, I think. And the album cover is very pretty.

There have been a lot of beautiful album covers this year -- I like the Grizzly Bear, Zola Jesus, Fiery Furnaces, Bowerbirds, Rain Machine covers a lot -- but I'll have to take a stroll through my stacks at home to pick a definite favorite.

Great to hear that your time with Cuff the Duke helped to alleviate the pain of missing Wilco.

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