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Dudley on Grado

Great to see the review given this prominence. particularly one that that is luke-cold about a important manufacturer's product.

I've used Grado entry level carts and tried some of the wood body carts (and have friends who love them) and I have a mono cart (somewhere), so I am in Grado's corner. But I think that the article is right about the short comings of the Grado line in comparison to the variety of carts in the 100-300 dollar range. Particularly as competition in this small pond is tough.

I do wish that Art had used the cart on his Thorens, that would have been an match of Titans.

I also want to add 2 cents, I'm open to rebuke - but I think Grado carts are a great choice for those just starting out, maybe not budding audiophiles (for them I'd suggest entry level Shure carts), but for the "just folks" who want to get the music out of their records on inexpensive tables in mid-fi systems Grado's lovely pear-shaped sonics are a plus in the sea of trade-offs.

So yeah, do as I say, not as I do; but hey it's the internet!


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Re: Dudley on Grado

I was just happy there was recognition that cartridges that cost less than their weight in Platinum exist.

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