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Adding a GSP Solo head amp

Hey there,

I'm just burning in a very lovely Graham Slee Solo MC headphone amp to use with my AKG K-701 cans. As I'm new to headphone listening, I have a dumbass question.

A bit of background...

My source is a Squeezebox 3 running FLAC into a CIAudio VDA2 DAC via co-ax. At the moment, the VDA2 then goes straight into the Solo head amp (the DAC also feeds my MF A3.5 > Dynaudio S1.4 speakers at the flick of the phase switch).

Because the DAC can route the signal to my speakers when needed, I'm, not bothered about any other source switching control - I will only use the head amp with this source.

So, bearing this in mind, is there any point [sonic advantages, as opposed to practicality] in me instead connecting the Solo directly to the Tape Line Out on my integrated, so it gets the DACed signal from there? Or would I just be passing the signal through circuits for the sake of it?



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Re: Adding a GSP Solo head amp

If I understand correctly, you are asking whether the sound would be improved by running the DAC through the integrated amp before getting to your headphone amp where it does not do so now.

My answer is no. The headphone amp will sound its best directly connected to the source.

But try it and see.

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