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From Philips 677 to Project RPM 1?

I am right know playing on my dads 30 years old Philips 677 (direct control) turntable. And to be honest it sounds great. I am playing with a newer Ortofon VMS 30 mk.II cartridge.
But now I want to upgrade the turntable. But I have to be very budgetminded (I am only 15 years, but a totally audiophile ).
I had been looking on a Project RPM 1. It looks very nice, an it's cheaper than I thought it would be.
Do you have any comments to this turntable, or purhaps other proposals in the same pricerange?
I hope somebody can help me. Thanks!

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Re: From Philips 677 to Project RPM 1?

It does look nice and pro-ject is solid choice. If you've found a good deal on one, you should be happy with it.

Others you may want to consider in that price range:
Rega P1
Pro-Ject Debut III

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