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Jimmy Hamilton-Can't Help Swingin'

Jimmy Hamilton was a featured clarinetist with Duke Ellington for nearly 20 years and is probably not well known by a lot of people. He is not a bold musician and on this CD plays both the Clarinet and Sax. This album recorded by Rudy Van Gelder in 1961 however is a treasure of pure jazz. Playing with Tommy Flanagan and Wendell Marshall this CD is a pleasure to listen to with some great blues and other bopping trends. The audio recording is everything you would expect from a Rudy Van Gelder recording and sounds great on hi-fi. If you love jazz you'll love this CD on Prestige Records *****

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Re: Jimmy Hamilton-Can't Help Swingin'

Hi Rich,

Another BIG Thank You

Once again I have to say thanks for tipping me off a recording I am have otherwise missed. And I'm saying thanks without even having heard the recording but based on your high regard and the players involved I'm fairly certain this date is as you say "a treasure of pure jazz".

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