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anthem D2/ARC

I always enjoy Kal's column greatly. I was wondering, though, why he did not compare the Anthem D2 with ARC to the Integra DTC 9.8 with Audyssey Pro. It seems to me that would have been a more apples to apples comparison. ARC seems more akin to Audyssey Pro than to MultEQ XT. Both ARC and Pro are options on their respective units. From previous reviews, the DTC 9.8 sounds best with the Pro upgrade. I also concur with this on my own 9.8. No doubt, the Anthem should be the better sounding unit, but I would expect perhaps a narrower performance gap with ARC vs. Pro.

Kal Rubinson
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Re: anthem D2/ARC

November Stereophile will contain a comparison between ARC and the Audyssey SEQ with measurements. I may get to measuring the Integra/AudysseyPro but the problems with any direct and/or subjective comparison is my inability to quickly switch between the Integra and the Anthem.


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