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A hidden funky gem "Herbie Hancock Fat Albert Rotunda

I came across this CD recently on iTunes and decided to take a chance and purchase the CD and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. This is a funky 70's sounding CD that has some great mixing and sounds surprisingly good so much in fact that I had to turn up my audio equipment twice.

Above all else, Fat Albert Rotunda is about the groove, which might explain why it is one of the most sampled jazz records in history. Brazenly blending the sounds of street with hard swinging jazz, Herbie kicks out chunky riffs and rhythms on his Fender Rhodes electric piano, content to lay low in the fatback pulse of bassist Buster Williams and drummer Tootie Heath. He peppers the albums

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Re: A hidden funky gem "Herbie Hancock Fat Albert Rotunda

Hi Rich,

Thanks for great post and review. I agree that FAR is a gem but, at for least for me, it is not "hidden". I've owned the recording, in one format or another, since my college days. Luckily one of the formats that I currently own is digital, so I cued it up using my Transporter's remote and I'm listening to it as I type.

You're right, this is one goddamn funky record. Go Herbie Go The man is rocking that Fender Rhodes.

Man, I love the sound of a well played Fender Rhodes electric piano and Herbie was and still is one of the best ever. By the way the record was recorded in 1969, right on the cusp of the fusion jazz movement.

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