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Hello to all, this is my first post, forgive me if this is in the wrong section...

I am looking to upgrade my CD player, having a collection of over 1000 titles, I think it would be an investment.

My current system:

CD: Musical Fidelity A3.2
Integr. amp. A3.2
Speakers: Dynaudio Audience 72
X-Can V3 with Sennheiser HD650
Rega P3 with Grado Platinum

I have done all the tweaking possible with cables, dedicated power line, etc, etc.
Actually nothing wrong with this system, I think it is well balanced, and is giving me some pleasure, with "some" CD's.
Classical & Jazz are mostly fine, rock is 90% unbearable, but this is probably due to the way it was recorded. right/wrong?

This was a few days ago, in the meantime I have received my new X-DAC and was all excited to plug it in the system.
Without even burning it in, I can say that this thing is here to stay. It definately can pull more music out my CD's.
But I am at the same point: the good (well recorded) CD's are much better, the bad ones are even worse (instant headache...). Now I need to let that baby burn-in for a few days and will report back how it sounds. I did already order a couple of alternatives as far as tubes are concerned (changed them in my X-CAN with noticeable improvement).

I have also decided to revisit the cable issue, ordered a set of Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables, I am sure they can beat the Monsters (type Z or something...) that are in there. But I want to try only one thing at the time, LOL
This part is fun now, it is just a matter of "fine tuning".

Edit: stupid question: the Denon 2910 DVD player, connected to the X-DAC will only read CD's.. (no DVD, SACD, etc.) this normal?

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Re: X-DAC V8

Yep. SACD and DVD Audio are not permitted to be output over standard (coaxial or optical) digital outputs. The Musical Fidelity also probably wouldn't understand Dolby Digital or DTS even though the information could be output those formats. The MF would be designed to PCM information only.

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