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PSB Alpha B1 mod for PC
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My experience is that mods do not always work out the way you hope and you are left with something that no one else wants either. I have moved ports with no problem. But I have also made matters worse modding some speakers. So, is there any way you can pull the speakers out just a little? I think it would be worth experimenting with placement before changing the design. Just my $.02

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I am considering purchasing PSB Alpha B1 speakers to upgrade the audio from my PC, currently no-fi, to lo-fi.
Placement is a problem in that the speakers will be located within a computer hutch or almost against a wall.

Try blocking the ports with foam rubber if the upper bass is boomy. If it is only a little boomy, pack the ports with drinking straws, which will allow some port output but at a lower level. In either case you won't damage the speaker and you won't have affected the resale value.

John Atkinson
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I haven't heard of the straw trick. Clever.

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I have experimented with blocking the ports on mine to address some room placement issues resulting in a pronounced bass peak of around 55-60 hertz. Believe it or not, these small Nerf balls fit perfectly.


They are pretty dense, such that I would say they block the port quite effectively. I can not comment on how they might work in your situation, but at $6 for the pack, its a pretty cheap tweak.


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