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Mercury Living Presence SACD- 2/3 Channel

I recently obtained "Billy The Kid/Grand Canyon Suite", Morton Gould and "The Nutcracker", Antal Dorati and "Pictures At An Exhibition", Janus/Dorati. I'm not an expert on classical, but have an ever-expanding collection. I know these are considered old warhorses, but I was really impressed with the 3 channel sound quality of these older recordings/remasters.

Any thoughts, especially on other recommended titles from this Mercury issue?

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Re: Mercury Living Presence SACD- 2/3 Channel

Janos Starker
J.S. Bach
Suites for Solo Cello
Sonatas in G & D Major for Cello and Piano
470 644-2

Get it.

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Re: Mercury Living Presence SACD- 2/3 Channel

Janos Starker

Get it.

I agree; this is a great recording, and the 3-channel really adds something to the immediacy.

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Re: Mercury Living Presence SACD- 2/3 Channel

I have tried about 20 different SACD titles, and I just don't hear the big deal. I'm just as happy with the stereo version. I really don't hear any improvement in the sound, maybe a slightly different mix, but no real improvment overall in the sound. I like listening to a couple of the JVC XRCD's, but again, they have a different mix than the original, so they will sound different as well.
Am I the only one who feels like this? I know there are many people who enjoy the SACD format, and prefer it over all others, and that's great. I prefer the Mercury's in stereo and since I listen in the nearfield, there's plenty of center information for my tastes.

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Re: Mercury Living Presence SACD- 2/3 Channel

I have a two channel system so I haven't heard three channel at home.

However, I heard a demo of three channel recordings and liked how the three channel reproduction of recordings made with three omni mics solidly planted the sound and soundstage, at least on that system.

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