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Completely new audio cables-different method of conduction.

I have, after thinking on transmission line theory for nearly 20 years... managed to get myself into a situation where I have accidentally created what will likely be a watershed moment in transmission line theory, as applied to the ideas and understandings in audio.

I did this..all in the name of better audio! Tunage, dudes!! It's all about the tunage!

Once again that old bugaboo I have always had to deal with, that paradigm shift in people's understanding of the human perception mechanism. It's rearing it's head again.

Point is, the name of the Company is 'Teo', the new AUDIO company (I'm a partner). The old one, which I'm still assocaited with, is 'Goo Systems'. (

You will see a completely new type of audio cable emerge in the next two weeks or less.

The method of conduction will be completely different. The sound will be completely different.

For the larger part, it eliminates skin effect and propagation issues. Which is why the cable blows people's minds. The kind of Phase coherence that has never been heard before. Many of you, at any level of cable knowledge, and audio knowledge will have to completely re-address the idea of cable distortions. Even at the level of 30-40 years in the business, at any level of education and quality of gear.

The more you know about the physics of the subject, the more it is likely to make your socks roll up and down and make silly putty run out of your nose. So get ready to break out the physics books. This is going to get very, very interesting.

How often does a cable get onto the cover of a magazine? This is likely to be on the cover of more than one.

For those of you in the business, an old friend has decided to re-join the ranks again! He's getting back into the swing, just for this occasion. You've been missing him, and he's going to have fun..all over again! This guy has decided to be the US distributor of this product.

All will be clear soon.

Oh yes. PS:

Welcome to the new world.

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Re: Completely new audio cables-different method of conduction.

As stated, there would be great debate. Even heated debate. Even negative debate based on hyperobla and incomplete understandings of what is going on, here, with regards to conduction.

Some, specifically one individual, is proving me correct in that assessment.

The reason I engaged that person, the guy hiding behind the false name and slinging arrows for no obvious reason but potentially personal that he was not doing anyone a service here.

I personally feel that the manufacturer's area for announcements should be off limits for new members, until they can be shown, over time (20-to 50 posts) that they have some basic form of civility and aren't here to engage in a personal agenda.

I believe in in disclosure, so I'll say I've emailed Stephen and even phoned him on this, as I've lost my patience with him (the negative individual, not Stephen!). I've even asked that his obviously non-constructive posts be deleted, as this is turning into the kind of horror show that makes no manufacturer ever desire to show their face or product here. I've begun to loose my patience with this sort of baiting, which saddens me that it has come to this.

Edit: I see that Stephen has come up with a compromise of sorts, concerning this thread...which is fine. We'll have fun seeing how this experiment turns out.

I was attempting to use humour in the inital post, hopefully it was interpreted that way. Buddha's thread shows that to be true.

As for the exact details of what has gone on here, for the newcomers to this thread -if you are curious.. search around on the forum, you'll find the source of this..out there..somewhere...

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Re: Completely new audio cables-different method of conduction.

From now on, we'd like to keep the Manufacturers' and Dealers' sections free from comment from other forum members. These areas will be places where manufacturers and dealers can post announcements. However, forum members should feel absolutely free and encouraged to comment on those announcements within the General Rants and Raves section.

Thanks very much.

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