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Solid state vs Audio Research

Here is my questions:
Any of you have never try a solid state amplifier with pre-amp LS26 from Audio Research. My system is as follow: Sonus Faber Grand Piano, LS26 and VT100MKIII from AR, Ayre's CD and Siltech's cables. I was thinking buy a solid state amplifier for new sound just for change occasionelly and when I don't have time to warm up my tubes. So what would be a good choice ? I was thinking of Mcintosh mc252 or mc402. I'am opened to your suggestion ! Merci for your time !

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Re: Solid state vs Audio Research

Sounds like fun, BTW your poll doesn't have any choices visible. I as a fellow ARC owner, I would like to see you try Krell, or Naim, or Classe. And let me know how the one you choose sounds? You could do a service to all of us VT100 owners (well, me anyway) to let us know how our ARCs really stack up.

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