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Tower speakers with jack connection

Hi, I'm new and this may not be in the correct location, but here goes (mods please move it if I am wrong!)

My Goodmans tower speakers currently have jack style connections to the main unit, however the unit is damaged and I wish to purchase a new stereo and use the speakers for my home computer.

The speakers have a universal jack the same as the ones on earphones, however I need a cable with two inputs for them, and one to go into the back of the computer.

Does such a thing exist?

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Tower speakers with jack connection

Your question is very confusing to me. What is a "main unit"?, What kind of earphone jack? I think you mean 1/4" phone jacks. Are you asking how to use these speakers with your computer? The place for jacks and cables is your nearest Radio Shack. Take with you your old cables.

You may need to consider amplification, maybe not if these are self powered speakers.

Good Luck

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