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Mo' budget queries (empirically informed)- Speakers.

I've bought a Macintosh MA6100 used and will likely get a Project Debut or Rega P1 turntable.

I want to spend $600 or less on speakers. I did get out and listen to a bunch, but most of the ones I really dug were out of my price range. The two that stick in my mind within my price are:

Totem Mites- clear definition, but just cannot handle the volume or the space (15'X20' room with wood floors). Also, these really have no tolerance for compressed digital tracks off ipod.But their sound, at lower volumes is superb.
B&W602S3- Handle the room size and volume and are also very forgiving on ipod. But sound too boomy and oddly... thin(?).

Based on these considerations- and also the other speakers in my last post- does anyone have any suggestions on:
A: new speakers in my price range that might suit these flavours but fill the gaps of the above two.
B: Used speakers to look out for.

My ideal might be to get floor standing.

Any comments would be much appreciated.... and, if possible, I will get out and have a listen to suggestions.



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Re: Mo' budget queries (empirically informed)- Speakers.

Human 61 $625

Infinity Beta 50, refurbished $380

Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rod $650

EPOS EL303 $540

Triangle Comete $599

Vandersteen 2Ce $650

Paradigm Monitor 7 $650

Monitor Audio BR5 or BR6

Just some ideas from a quick search of my brain and AudiogoN.

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Re: Mo' budget queries (empirically informed)- Speakers.

My two picks, the EPOS and the Triangle, are right in the middle of Jackfish's list. Try to hear them both.

Who says you can't get great sound on a budget?

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Re: Mo' budget queries (empirically informed)- Speakers.

I have the same amp and what satisfied me to sell my MA6200 instead of the MA6100 was a good pair of used JBL 100LT. You can pick them up for about 200 to 350 dollars depending on condition. All though your ear might be different then mine, the JBL

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