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Tara again?

Is this mislableing #2 by Tara? Hmmm, the "made in U.S.A." MISLABLEING, and now something about vacuuum, not really vacuum? And of course this vacuum that ain't vacuum, is audible by those who have the systems that can resolve these details? some time back i questioned how do you hold a vacuum in a thing without continuous pumping down? Maybe there is nothing to hold after all? I guess gas charged is next? And yet MF still thought they sounded just great, better than anything else? Anytime in the future will myths and scams be fully dealt with? $45K Cd players that ain't right, yet sound wonderful, wires without the thing is is advertised as, sound there a pattern coming here that most MF reviews are really just story telling, and not really a review? Is that why his previous publication Tracking Angle stiffed me for a few dollars when it went pooof. Or did it go poooof cus' it was just story telling, that didn't realate to anything on teh LP? Let's test that $100K TT with your eyes closed and tell for real if you know which TT is playing, betcha' can't do it....let alone which piece of wire is hooked up. Betcha' can't can't can't

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Re: Tara again?

Or did it go poooof cus' it was just story telling

Is it real or is it.......

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