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Thorens hum

Hi All. I have a Thorens TD-150 MKII since it was new (well almost, talked a kid out of it in college after three months of drooling over it). I replaced the tonearm wires with the proper 'hair', color coded wires and also the RCA cables. Al this improved the sound somewhat significantly. But here's the rub-with the arm at rest and the volume gain turned all the way up, I have almost no noise/hum. Turn on the motor and I have much hum going on at even under half volume and I can hear it on silent passages or in-between cuts. I never had this problem before but the turntable IS old now. I also re-lubed the bearing on the bottom of the platter shaft. I'm hoping it's just something from the motor that needs attention-oiling, new cap...something simple?? What would you guys recommend to try? I looked at the 'snake oil' kits offered for this turntable and I'm reluctant to shell out $100+ for those-anybody try one of these on the Thorens decks like mine? Oh yeah, I'm using an ADC XLM MKII cart with a new stylus. I have an old Stanton 681 EEE cart that I could substitute, if we thought that might be the cause-except I have to buy a new stylus which is about $60.:-( There is a ground going from the tonearm bracket itself to the metal table and another ground going from the shield cart leads (which come together with the RCA cable ground) and then that ground goes to a grounding lug on my receiver.

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Re: Thorens hum

Sounds like you might be a little long on grounds. Try disconnecting the one running to the metal table.

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