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8 ohm vs 4 ohm Taps- Prologue One/Monitor Audio RS6- Possible JA To Read This?
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Both of these pieces have been reviewed in Stereophile. I've looked at both sets of measurements, and can't figure out which tap would provide me the flattest response.

In general, the 4 ohm output transformer will give the flattest response from the Monitor Audio speaker at the expense of a little bit of dynamic range. But basically, choose the output tap that gives the most sonically pleasing result with the widest range of recordings.

John Atkinson
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A lot of the new McIntosh solid state amps have auto formers which have different taps for 8 ohm and 4 ohm speakers. To my ears with the Thiel and Magnepan speakers (both 4 ohm speakers) both of those sound better on the 8 ohm tap. More dynamic presentation and more space in the recording. The 4 ohm taps make both sound slightly dry. Not your exact circumstance, but I figured that I'd share my experiences.

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