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Test CDs & DVDs

I'm looking for a test CD and DVD to test my system performance and to assist with tweaking my setup. Can someone recommend good ones?



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Re: Test CDs & DVDs

For test CD's you can check here . For test DVD's you can check here or here. The test CD's or DVD's you use really depends on what you are looking for in your testing. Are you looking for CD's and DVD's that just run tests or ones that also walk you through the setup your system? Concerning the DVD, are you looking for a DVD for DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Home Theater or all three? Certain test disks will do better for certain types of tests.
Personally, I feel that some of the best test discs are just really good CD's and DVD's that you love to listen to and watch.

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Re: Test CDs & DVDs

Stereophile has several CD's for testing and tweaking your system. They also have a couple of straight music CD's. They are worth the money!

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Re: Test CDs & DVDs they have factory discs for DVD, Cd etc even SACD. Pricey, but Philips factory standards for testing and calibrating optical systems. From the inventor of the standards.

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