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Louie's BDAY Broadcast

It's that time again. August 4th is Louis Armstrong's real birthday (July 4th was once believed to be his birthday but now August 4th is the accepted date) and WKCR-FM 89.9 FM in NYC is featuring Pops' music for 24 hours on 8/4.

But don't worry if you're not in NYC because you can listen to the broadcast on the web at:


It's available as either a Real Audio or an MP3 Stream, take your pick.

So listen and enjoy the great Louie on his birthday!!

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Re: Louie's BDAY Broadcast

Alas, I'm too far away to get the broadcast and my dial-up connection doesn't cut it for streaming. On the other hand, my own collection of Louis may be as large as that of WCKR, so I'm with you in spirit, if not literally - and I started celebrating earlier. Happy Birthday to Louis and to all of us who love him.

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