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Help me choose my first hifi amp

About 5 years ago I bought a pair of B&W 604 series 2 speakers and a B&W ASW1000 sub. I have been using a cheapo sony receiver, and would like to upgrade the reciever to something better. I don't have an exact price range in mind, I simply want something that will compliment my existing speakers and possibly allow me to upgrade speakers in the future without needing to purchase a new amp. I don't have any preference when it comes to buying seperates or an integrated amp. I would like to be able to plug the audio from my dvd player and my tv into the amp so my speakers can double as a home theater.

I live in a small town in Iowa, so I don't have the ability to go try out very many quality products. I will neeed to rely soley on the advice I receive here and reviews online. I would also like suggestions on where to order the amp from.

I would appreciate any advice you can offer,
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help me choose my first hifi amp

I suggest you call Acoustic Sounds in Salina, Kansas, (785-825-8609), give them the information you've provided here as well as some budget specifics, and ask for their advice. They're a first class outfit, able to offer you expert advice and a wide array of choices, and shipping from them to you should be about as good as you might hope for. Good Luck, and welcome.

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Re: Help me choose my first hifi amp

A couple of others that might be worth considering are Upscale Audio , I've not done business with Kevin Deal, but if I didn't have a local dealer that I liked, I would. Underwood HiFi would also be tempting and our own, Jim T. thinks highly of Wally.

Still, names like NAD, Cambridge Audio, Jolida, all come to mind for good value on a modest budget. I think the Jolida 1501 RC integrated sounds really good and is an outrageous bargain. I liked it better than several amps costing twice as much. You can even order it with a sub output to take advantage of your booomer.

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Re: Help me choose my first hifi amp

Have you considered used gear? If you know what you want has lots of good used gear. Buying used you can get more power and/or higher quality for less.

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Re: Help me choose my first hifi amp

For the price,you can't beat Audio Source,They have good specs,beefy power supplies,balanced input and outputs,and they'll drive 2 ohm loads.

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