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Lee Ritenour - This Is Love

OK Jazzfan, here's a contemporary one for ya, and I believe he and accompaning cast are all alive!

No, it's not a new one, just his best from 1998. Opens with a little reggae, has a couple of vocal tunes, one being Randy Newmans "Baltimore" sung by artists you've probably never heard of. They do fall a little to the God forbid smooth jazz side but you will get over it, they're well done. Also killer versions of Sonny Rollins "Street Runner" and "Alfie's Theme" featuring Ronnie Foster on Hammond.

It's got a little sax, trumpet, trombone, flute and strings sprinkled throughout. Well recorded, great variety of music and stylings, give it a spin and tell me it ain't JAZZ.

Oh, forgot to mention, Captian Fingers on guitar


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Re: Lee Ritenour - This Is Love

Hi RG,

Thanks for the post and helping to revive the music section.

Rather good try on trying to bait me with a musical selection most surely not to my taste but so sorry the fish aren't biting today. I'm just glad to see some activity again in the music section.

By the way, of the over 2500 jazz CDs plus the over 1000 jazz LPs in my collection I would say that about maybe less than 10 of them are of the "smooth jazz" variety, so you did hit the nail right on head with the Lee Ritenour. I promise next time I'll respond much more as expected.

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