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NAD or Rotel

I am in the market for a new amp or receiver and I have somewhat narrowed down my search but would like opinions from others. Currently, I am driving a pair of B&W Matrix 804's. I also have a Carver HR-752 receiver that I am looking to replace. I would like at least 100 W/ch. The units I am looking at is the Rotel RX-1052 receiver or the NAD C372 integrated amp together with the NAD C422 tuner. I realize Rotel and B&W are sister companies so they may compliment each other well and this is really how I am leaning, but the dealer does not have any of them in stock so I am unable to do a listening test on it. The NAD sounds nice and full, but I'm not sure how either combination would sound with my speakers. I defintely prefer the look of the Rotel, but appearances is not that important to me. I want the unit that is going to give me the best sound. Other suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: NAD or Rotel


Other suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Try a 50 Watt Valve amplifier.... I think you will be as delighted as I was. One listen, and I switched from 30 years of Solid State amplification.....

I am using a Prima Luna Prologue-2 with Sonus fabor Extrema speakers. The point is that the speakers are pretty in-efficient, and so would typically require 100 Watts of SS amplification, but my 50 Watt Tube amp makes Music .... loud enough.


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Re: NAD or Rotel

The NAD 320BEE is $400 and is listed by The Absolute Sound as an Editor' choice; it is also listed by Stereophile as a Recommended Component. Please note that it sounds better than ANYTHING else that NAD makes at ANY price; even 10 times as much.
The last time any component from any company at such a low price acheived this was in 1980 when the NAD 3020 did it. That is still considered an all-time classic acheivement. By some strange coincedence(?), the SAME MAN designed both of them...his initials are B.E.E.!
BUY it!!!!!!!!

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Re: NAD or Rotel

I prefer the Rotel sound over most of the other British, entry level stuff and have never cared for several of the well respected British brands. Of course, I've heard only a tiny fraction of gear from about half a dozen British manufacturers.

Rotel uses high quality electronics like those found in much more expensive gear, but keeps costs down by manufacturing in Asia. This isn't unique, but couple that with their fantastic torodial power supplies and slit-foil capacitors and you get the sound of components costing 2 or 3 times the price.

Rotel cheaps out on stuff that doesn't degrade the sound...or at least not by a significant amount, like 'good enough' binding posts, plastic bottom covers, simple chasis and few facilities where possible.

I think you should seriously consider hearing Rotel before purchasing NAD...or about 5 other entry level brands from the U.K. Rotel isn't the best in every area of reproduction, but they will flat knock the snot out of stuff costing a whole lot more in several crucial areas.

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Re: NAD or Rotel

I am looking at is the Rotel RX-1052 receiver or the NAD C372 integrated amp...

It's been a while since you posted but I'm curious as to which device you decided on...or did you go with something else altogether. Thanks.

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