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Need Recommendation for unit
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Man, that's a low budget.

I'm not sure how to hook up an iPod, just a hook up or does it need special accomodation?

OK, let's see.

Not hi-fi, but will play music...

Onkyo Receiver

99 bucks is toss away money and allows 400 bucks for some speakers that will be worth hanging onto.

Epos ELS-3 Speakers

The speakers add 329.00 to the equation.

The rest can go to 12 guage wire at Home Depot and shipping.

The Epos will still be nice in 25 years, and you can add better amplification or more speakers down the road.

Best of luck in your new endeavor!

Jim Tavegia
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HK3480 $265.00

HK3480 $199.00

Great recommendations. If you have an extra $100 get the HK3380, just under John Marks 2nd system recommendation. The HK3480 is more powerful and $265.00 Both have phono stages so start spinning some vinyl.

Do not cheap out on Buddha's recommended speakers. If you do all will be lost. The Epos 3s are excellent for the money.

Apple used to sell a small "home dock" for $39.00 off their web site that DID NOT have the crummy speakers attached to it but allowed a line out cord. I think it was also a charger.

Happy listening.

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