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Digital for me

I think sony red book cd and sacd or dvd-audio format is not a good approach to digital.
i think storing audio data with error checking bits(like our computer files on hard)is a better solution, tell me why?
1. cd quality will reduce accross time with playing it with transport laser beam and we should buy same album from local store
2. sound quality will not decrease when we copy albums to our PC
2. no need to buying good transport and sound quality depends only to DAC(analog design) quality
4. we can download and share albums with each other for reducing cost
with no loss of quality in audio data
5. convertion from one format like DSD to another format is possible in our computer(by softwares) with no loss of qulity (no need to buy expensive dcs d/d converter)
6. we live happier guys

what's your idea about sony and digital encoding?

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Digital for me

1.) This has not been proven anywhere I have read. I am not convinced of perfect sound forever, but probably will last as long as I will live.
2.) I guess you have never lost a hard drive to burnout. Back up the back up.
3.) As long as you buy a good sound card, external DAC with USB or Firewire device.
4.) We are still some ways away until totally lossless downloading becomes the norm rather than on a few web sites. You will truly need DSL here.
5.)I doubt the DSD data stream will ever be allowed free to roam. Even the Tascam DV-RA1000 DSD recorder in DSD format is NOT playable on any SACD player alive today. I am not sure of the technical issues as to why it is not the universal DSD format. If it ever is the file size per 2 channel recording minute will be quite large. CD RedBook is over 10 megs/minute. When you jump the sample rate you jump the memory required.
6.) Depending upon what your time is worth inputing all your music files to your hard drive, it may be a better bargain to buy the $2900 Ayre C7-XE player and be done with it. You could even buy 2 Quad 99 CDP2's for the same money and keep one for a back up.
7.) Do not discount the noisey environment the computer is with many having marginal power supply filtering. A battery powered laptop can be much quieter, but that has its own set of issues as well.
8.) If this was really an issue to me I would buy the BenchMark or Grace DAC and a couple of 400 disc Sony CD players and run them thru the DAC of choice and be over it. A lot less time consuming than putting everything onto a hard drive.
That is just my opinion.

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