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Saxon Int. Amp in HT setup

Happy holidays Stephen and all. Recently I had to have my Marantz SR5400 serviced for a bad channel and a friend at the local hi-fi shop lent me a Saxon A700 intergrated amp. I fell in love with this entry level amp(even my girlfriend noticed the difference immediately). Anyhoo, the Marantz is back from the shop and I am thinking of buying the Saxon. Can I use the pre-amp outputs of the Marantz to drive the Saxon? The only inputs on the Saxon are CD,AUX,TUNER,TAPE and AV. Can this be configured to drive the fronts while the Marantz drives the rest of the channels when I watch movies(dual use system), and yet use the Marantz to control the levels to the front speakers in stereo?

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Re: Saxon Int. Amp in HT setup

IF...the Marantz has pre-outs for the FR & FL channels, you should be able to connect them to the AV input on the Saxon thus bypassing the Saxons preamp/volume control and utilizing only its amplifiers. I am assuming this is what the AV inputs on the Saxon are for, you need to verify this. Thus, depending which input you select on the Saxon, either the Marantz or Saxon will control the front speakers and related source connected to that particular unit.

HMMM....I understand it. Not sure I described it so that someone else could understand it.


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