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Wes Phillips
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Regina Carter Quintet

I saw Regina Carter's current quintet at the Metroplitan Museum last night and was blown away. The band: Ms. Carter (violin), Chris Lightcap (acoustic bass), Alvester Garnett (drums), Gilad Dobrecky (percussion), and Rick Germanson (piano).

This is about as tight a band as I have ever seen. They were tuneful, playful, and inventive. I've seen Ponty, Grapelli, Stuff Smith, and Sugarcane Harris, and Ms. Carter was as good, or better, than any of them -- plus, she was supported by a band that was tighter than that of any of the other violinists I have mentioned. The lady certainly can swing -- and drummer Alvester Garnett is a marvel. He's a very subtle colorist with big ears. My buddy Jeff mentioned a particular passage he had been impressed by -- Garnett and Germanson trading shadings behind one of Carter's solos on "Manha de Carnival" -- and Garnett's response was, "Did I do that?" Well, he was pretty busy at the time.

Bottom line: Go see this group if you get the chance. They're the real thing and, while Ms. Carter and bassist Chris Lightcap are very slightly mic'ed, it's acoustic jazz with sound that lives up to the musicianship.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Regina Carter Quintet

Wes, Thanks for the heads-up. There are 12 CD listed by Regina at Amazon and the sound samples are enough to get me interested.

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Re: Regina Carter Quintet

Wes - Thanks for the heads-up! I will definately look for her and will make it a point to catch her live soon.

Jim (and Wes) - You may want to check out the release JAZZ STANDARDS ON MARS, by Robert Dick and the Soldier String Quartet (Enja). Though not the "leader" on this one, Ms Carter is prominantly featured as a soloist here. The sound is reference quality and the music is amazingly heady stuff! This disc features outstanding interpretations of Coltrane's "India," Hendrix's "Machine Gun" (Carter is awesome on this), two Dolphy pieces and Ornette's "Three Wishes" - with Carter playing the Jerrry Garcia lines! Not sure if it is still in print, but it is definately worth tracking down. . .

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Re: Regina Carter Quintet

Thanks Wes - here goes another music order!

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